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The club is about high school senior girls who wear beautiful antebellum costumes and serve as "Official Ambassadors" to the city of Mobile.
Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 21, 2012

North America

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20 Members
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The trail queen sits in a mound of pink ruffles! by parachutedressesTrail maid with an massive skirt!! by parachutedresses

This is a story about two beautiful girls who are the Azalea Trail Maids. Both of the girls are short blondie haired and they wear two different colored dresses. One of them who's named Rose wears pink and the other named Ella wears light blue.

And now we see them on the grassland sitting and relaxing while using their parasols for shading since it was sunny and warm. Ella puts her parasol down and uses her arms to lift her dress and shakes up and down to cool off her pantaloons and legs just to make sure they're not steamy... Ella then tries to grab her parasol but however the wind blows it away! "(Gasps) My Parasol!" said Ella. Ella stands up and runs to get her parasol back. "Wait for me Ella!" shouted Rose. Rose closes her parasol and then proceeds to follow Ella.

Ella keeps on running while lifting her dress and her parasol dashes away into the woods. Ella goes in and she continues running while in the woods and then she slowly moves and all of the sudden gets lost... She wonders and looks around and all of the sudden... she stopped while her back side of her heels touched the handle of Ella's parasol! Ella spins around quickly and notices her parasol, so she crotches down and takes her parasol and wipes the dust out... Ella gets frightened and wonders how to escape. "I wonder if Rose is looking for me now... She must be worried... and I wonder if she took a different route..." said Ella. Meanwhile at the other side of the forest... Rose searches for Ella. "Ella!" shouted Rose. "Ella, can you hear me?" Rose keeps looking but there was no sight. While Rose is searching... she looked and walked in backwards... and out of nowhere... Her foot was on the ledge! Rose tried to balance so she wouldn't fall but however the ground breaks causing Rose to fall! Rose screams in horror while falling to the black hole which resulting Ella hearing Rose's scream! 

Ella gasps and says "Rose?... Rose where are you?!" Ella hears Rose's voice and it was a little far. Ella dashes into the scene! While Ella was running, she tries to do her best to avoid small tree branches especially sharper ones just to avoid ripping her dress! She stops at the medium ledge and tries to figure out where the voice came from but still no luck... The ledge breaks resulting to separate the ground putting poor Ella in danger! Ella had no choice but to jump and hopefully her parasol will help her slow the fall similar to Princess Peach... Ella jumps falling in to her doom and she opens her parasol and something came out of nowhere... KA-POOF!!! Her skirt turned into a paraskirt! Ella opened her eyes and notices her dress has gotten a lot wider. "Oh my! My dress is acting like my parasol!" (Giggles)

The background fates into gray and while she slowly descends... Ella starts blushing and notices how sexy and beautiful she looks while she floats... And the distraction ended while noticing something round and pink... "Could it be?" shocked Ella. The rounded pink thing poofs up and reveals that it was Rose who was doing the same thing as Ella did! "Rose!" shouted Ella. Rose hears Ella's voice and sees Ella paraskirting noticing her pantaloons. Ella gets close to Rose and the girls were happy to see each other again. Roses responds "You're parachuting too?" Ella responds "Yes!"

While parachuting down the background becomes darker and becomes black. "Don't be afraid Ella..." said Rose, "We'll be alright... I hope..." And then they have reached the ground resulting their dresses revert back to normal widths... "Oh man!" said Ella, "I can't believe our sexy thing ended!" Rose giggles and she agrees that it was very sexy. And now the girls are trying to figure out where is the exit... The ground starts shaking and tree branches started to pop out! "Let's get out of here and run!" Shouted Ella. The girls start running and more started coming!

Rose starts running as fast as she could but however Ella was not as fast as Rose, Ella keeps running and almost trips and while she was running... little did she know that a small tree branch catches her dress and... RIP!!! The tree branch caught a piece of her dress and more keep popping in and rips more pieces of her skirt! While the girls keep running... the ground flips Ella like a launcher and takes Ella up, up, and away and poof! Her skirt parachuted again Rose reaches to another ledge which resulting the end of the tree branches... Rose notices Ella paraskirting and grabs her for her rescue... Little did Rose know that she was standing on a big vine which slides the girls down super fast! While riding the big vine... Raining tree leaves show up and Ella uses her parasol as a shield to block the leaves away and they surpassed them... "Saved you Rose!" said Ella. Some random vine captures poor Ella and also spins Rose away and got her dizzy! Ella uses her handle of the parasol to whack the vine and automatically lets her go. Ella falls into her doom while getting surrounded by thorns which rips a little bit more of her dress. Rose reaches the end of the vine and her skirt poofs up and becomes a paraskirt again while floating down she gets worried about Ella even more and all of the sudden she looks up and sees Ella's fall! Rose quickly closes her parasol and saves Ella! While grabbing Ella, Rose's skirt inverted and the both of them fell while revealing Rose's sexy pink pantaloons. Both of them landed on the ground.

The girls get up and Ella finally noticed her ripped dress and said "Oh my... now I'm wearing rags..." The tree branches got closer to Ella and grabs her skirt and strips her skirt off, and then her hoopskirt! And now she's wearing a bodice and pantaloons! And more tree branches got closer to the girls and the shadows gots a lot darker and the girls had no choice but to give up... but all of the sudden... something magically appeared! The tree branches and the ground disappeared Rose paraskirts while Ella uses her parasol to descend Rose feels so sorry for Ella that she doesn't have a skirt anymore and Ella wishes she still had her skirt... And a quick flash... KA-POOF! Ella has gotten her dress back but this time it was restored! Ella was so happy that she used her hand to touch her skirt and it was real! The girls smiled and laughed and the background fades into white...

But however... it was all just a dream... Rose woke up in her pajamas... Rose quickly does her morning preparations and got dressed in her pink Trail Maid dress. She meets up with Ella and tells her crazy dream she had last night... 


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